Plum Palmiers With Honey

Plum Palmiers With Honey

A 3-ingredient elegant brunch treat? Sugar Bowl Bakery Palmiers, thinly sliced plum, and a drizzle of honey is all you'll need! Follow the instructions, and you'll have a special mother's day, baby shower or easy sweet appetizer to impress your guests in minutes.


You'll need:

12 Palmiers

3 Plums (peaches or nectarines work as well)



1. Turn on your broiler on high and prepare a parchment paper lined sheet plan, set aside. 2. Using a serrated knife, cut the plums in half, remove the pit, then slice thinly. Fan the slices out so that they overlap. 3. Divide the plum pieces and place them on top of the 12 Palmiers then place the Palmiers on the parchment paper covered sheet pan. 4. Drizzle the plum topped Palmiers with honey and place under the broiler. Watch closely and remove them the honey bubbles, fruit softens and the edges of Palmier brown. Enjoy once they cool.



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