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NBC Bayarea, Vietnam refugee family finds American dream in baked goods 5/14/24, Food for thought: Asian American and Pacific Islander Month 4/30/24

All Recipes, Best Costco Deals Under $15 This Month 3/5/24

SF&WB, Sugar Bowl Bakery Brings Back Mango Cakes to Celebrate Lunar New Year 1/22/24


Yahoo, Joel Feldman Appointed CEO of Sugar Bowl Bakery 1/11/23

SF&WB, Cover Story, Family Affair, Sugar Bowl Bakery 4/1/23

Houston Food Finder, These Sweet Treats at Aldi and Costco are Perfect for That Little Somethin'-Somethin' 5/7/23

The Vietnamese Podcast, Finding the Sweet Spot in Business 5/23/23

Next Shark, 'That's What America Is About' 5/26/23

Atlanta Magazine Behind conveyor belts at Sugar Bowl Bakery, a diverse group of workers with stories to tell 6/22/23 

Mashed The Best Costco Finger Foods and Snacks for Movie Night 7/30/23

The Kitchn, 18 Best Costco Groceries I'm Buying for School Lunches, 8/12/23




Thrillist,12 Cozy Costco Goods To Get You Into The Autumnal Spirit

Tiny Beans,19 Dazzling Charcuterie Baords for Every Holiday of the Year

Bake,Cookies are Coming to the Forefront

Forbes,Sugar Bowl Bakery Madeleines Inspire a Twist on Summer Shortcake

Bake Magazine, Sugar Bowl Bakery Unveils New Packaging Design

Buzzfeed, Asian-Owned Food and Drink Brands That'll Bring Life Back to Your Pantry

Kron News, Sugar Bowl Bakery Celebrates 40 Years of Success

Celebrity Parents, These Lemon Madeleine Meringue Parfaits Are The Perfect Start To Spring -3/16/22

Tasting Table, The Best Valentines Day Foods to Buy That Aren't Chocolate -2/7/22

Sugar Bowl Bakery Bebuts Limited Edition Ruby Dipped Madeleines 

Deli Market News, Sugar Bowl Bakery Unveils Limited Edition Ruby Dipped Madeleines for Giveaway, Ken Ly Shares
- 1/14/22

Mashed, What you need for a Tea Party 

Trend Hunter, Limited-Edition Chocolate Dipped Madeleines 

Featured Articles: 

Forbes,Sugar Bowl Bakery Madeleines Inspire a Twist on Summer Shortcake

Thrive Global, "It Takes An Army" 5 Leadership Lessons With Andrew Ly, CEO of Sugar Bowl Bakery 
- 4/5/18

Bakery Family Hailed by Obama Enjoys Sweet Success-


Perishable News, Sugar Bowl Bakery Unveils New Website as Part of Brand Redesign

SF&WB, Q&A with Sugar Bowl Bakery: Brand Refresh and Sustainability Impact

Trend Hunter, Sugar Bowl Bakery is launching Pumpkin Spice Goods 

Deli Market News, Sugar Bowl Bakery Vice President of Sales and Marketing Robyn Defina Shares Seasonal Products to Hit Retail Shelves

The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Bakery hiring hundreds at new DeKalb facility -5/14/2021

Spoon University: These Brownie Bites From Sugar Bowl Bakery Are The Best I've Ever Had 

Baking Business Online, Sugar Bowl Bakery Designed its Tucker Facility with Simplicity in Mind 

Yahoo: Costco’s Newest Bakery Item is The Flaky Breakfast Treat We’ve Been Looking For 

SheKnows: Costco’s Newest Bakery Item is The Flaky Breakfast Treat We’ve Been Looking For 

Mashed: Costco Shoppers Are Obsessed With These Palmier Cookies -4/27/2021

Baking & Snack: Stick To Your Values 

2020 and older:

Bakery brings sweet success to Tucker 

Sugar Bowl Bakery Installs Extensive Solar Energy System

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