Pink Swirl Duet Bites & Skewers

Pink Swirl Duet Bites

Pretty pink desserts with no baking needed! Celebrate everyone's favorite pink-loving gal (who has a summer movie release, wink) with with vanilla, chocolate Duet Bites and strawberry marshmallow dessert skewers. 

You'll need: 

12 Sugar Bowl Bakery Duet Bites. (Our famous Madeleines and Brownie Bites combined into one tasty treat)

8oz package of white chocolate melting wafers

Pink oil based food coloring

Assorted sprinkles (white, clear and pink large sizes)

6 Strawberries

12 Mini marshmallows

Metallic rose and gold edible glitter spray (optional)

3 Wooden skewers

Pink Swirl Duet Bites Instructions (Makes 6):

Melt white chocolate and it into divide into two small bowls. Using food coloring make one light pink and one bright pink. Pour some of the light pink on the surface of the dark pink chocolate, then dip the top of one Duet Bite with a swirl motion. Remove from the chocolate and set aside to cool. Just before it is completely cool, add sprinkles. Repeat with 6 of the Duet Bites. Spritz with metallic rose spray if desired.

Pink Dessert Skewers (Makes 3):

Using a wooden skewer, add 3 marshmallows, 2 Duet Bites and a strawberry to each of the 3 skewers. Drizzle with some of the remaing light pink and bright pink chocolate. Add sprinkles and spritz with metallic gold and rose spray if desired. Enjoy!

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