Brownie Bites with Fondant Ghosts

Brownie Bites with Fondant Ghosts are easy and fun two-bite dessert, perfect for a Halloween party. 

You'll need:

Sugar Bowl Bakery Brownie Bites

• Pre-made white fondant

• Orange and black sprinkles in various sizes

• Decorator vanilla icing (stiff consistency, store-bought or homemade)


1. Roll store brought white fondant into thin, 3-inch circles.
2. Using a piping bag with icing, ice the brownie bites with a tall mound of icing approx. 2" tall.
3. Add sprinkles on top of icing
4. Carefully place a fondant circle on top of icing and gently pinch the sides to form the shape of the ghost. Repeat for each dessert.
5. Press two black sprinkles into the fondant for eyes, and a larger sprinkle for a mouth. Enjoy!

For a larger treat, stack brownie bites, candy corn and frosting in a jar then top with one of the fondant ghosts. 

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