Tricolor 4th of July Brownies

Give store bought brownies a bright pop of color! Sugar Bowl Bakery Brownie Bites are a chocolate lovers dream. Perfectly portioned for sharing at events like the annual 4th of July bbq. 

You'll need:

• 1 box of Sugar Bowl Bakery Brownies

• 2 cups of vanilla frosting

• Red and blue food coloring

• Blue sparkle gel icing (optional)

• White chocolate stars and star mold (optional)


To create a tricolor frosting, you'll just need to follow a few easy steps!


1. Divide 2 cups of white vanilla frosting (homemade or store bought) into thee equal parts. Color 1/3 of the frosting red, 1/3 blue and leave the remaining white.

2. Place a piece of plastic wrap on your work surface that is about 8 inches long. Neatly spread the 3 colors of frosting into lines on the plastic wrap. If you have blue sparkle gel, add that in as well.  Then roll the frosting into a tube shape and cut off one end of the tube.

3. Place the tube of tricolor frosting into a pastry bag with a star tip (be sure the open end is at the tip of the bag). Frost the brownie bites in any style then store in an air-tight container or serve right away. Enjoy!

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