No-Bake Winter Cookies

No-Bake Winter Cookies with beautiful blue decorations would be wonderful to share for Hanukkah or any winter party. They are excellent with coffee, tea or hot cocoa!
You'll need:
• 1 package of Sugar Bowl Bakery Palmiers
• 8 oz of blue chocolate chips or melting candy wafers
• 8 oz light blue melting wafte
• Assorted blue, silver and white sprinkles

1. Melt chocolate or candy wafers according to package directions. 
2. Dip each Sugar Bowl Bakery Palmier halfway into one color of the melted chocolate.
3. Carefully remove and set each coated Palmier to cool on a wire rack or parchment paper.
4. Add sprinkles to each Palmier before the coating cools completely.
5. Serve or store in an air-tight container.
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