Madeleine Tower


Wow your guests with a tower of buttery soft Madeleines! This dessert is an impressive and delicious addition to a baby shower, holiday party or wedding event.

You'll need:

50 Sugar Bowl Bakery Madeleines 

White Cookie Icing or Meltable Candy Wafers


Edible Flower Decorations



Styrofoam Cone 3.8 Inch x 11.9 Inch

Plastic Wrap


1. Decorate the bottom portion of your Madeleines with cookie icing, or melted candy wafters. Add sprinkles and set aside until icing is fully set.

2. Measure out how many Madeleines you will need to cover the bottom row of your cone (we used 10). 

3. Cover your styrofoam cone in plastic wrap tightly, use toothpicks to hold in place if necessary.

4. Using two toothpicks to hold each Madeleine in place onto the cone, add rows of  the Madeleines starting from the top of the cone down. Repeat rows until entire cone is covered, reserving the decorated Madeleines for the final bottom row,

5. For a finishing touch, add edible flower wafer decorations on the top & throughout using toothpicks to set them in place.

6. Use your completed tower of Madeleines for a centerpiece or for a fun dessert presentation.


Photo and recipe credit: Dawn Lopez of Cutefetti

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