Apple Brownie Pops

Apple Brownie Pops will surely make Back to School sweet! You'll just need a few easy to find ingredients for this no-bake after school treat. Sugar Bowl Bakery Brownie Bites make it simple to dip and decorate.

Makes 6:

• 6 Sugar Bowl Bakery Brownie Bites

• 8 oz packages of melting wafers in red and green (or white and add oil based food dye)

• 6 pretzel pieces (for stems)

• 6 almonds (for leaves)

• Light green sprinkles (for leaves)

• 6 wooden sticks 


1.  Apples: Melt colored wafers according to package instructions. 2. Dip the tip of 1 stick into the red melted chocolate then carefully press into a Brownie Bite to make a handle. 3. Dunk the Brownie Bite on the stick into the chocolate until full coated. Tap off excess chocolate, and set to cool on parchment paper (repeat for all 6). 4. Before the apples cool completely, carefully insert a pretzel stem into the top of each. 5. Drizzle remaining red chocolate over cooled apples for a textured effect if desired.

Leaves: 1. Using a small fork, dunk almonds into the green melted chocolate. Remove and set on parchment paper to cool. 2. Sprinkle with green sprinkles before they cool. 3. Place one leaf near the top of each apple, and press down lightly. Do this step while the chocolate is almost cool so that it sticks to the apple.

Happy back to school season!


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