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Deli Market News, Sugar Bowl Bakery Unveils Limited Edition Ruby Dipped Madeleines for Giveaway, Ken Ly Shares - 1/14/22

Mashed, What you need for a Tea Party -1/11/22

Trend Hunter, Limited-Edition Chocolate Dipped Madeleines -1/10/22

Featured Article: 

Thrive Global, "It Takes An Army" 5 Leadership Lessons With Andrew Ly, CEO of Sugar Bowl Bakery - 4/5/2018


Perishable News, Sugar Bowl Bakery Unveils New Website as Part of Brand Redesign-11/4/21

SF&WB, Q&A with Sugar Bowl Bakery: Brand Refresh and Sustainability Impact-10/26/21

Trend Hunter, Sugar Bowl Bakery is launching Pumpkin Spice Goods -7/28/21

Deli Market News, Sugar Bowl Bakery Vice President of Sales and Marketing Robyn Defina Shares Seasonal Products to Hit Retail Shelves-7/27/21

The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Bakery hiring hundreds at new DeKalb facility 5/14/2021

Spoon University: These Brownie Bites From Sugar Bowl Bakery Are The Best I've Ever Had 5/3/2021

Baking Business Online, Sugar Bowl Bakery Designed its Tucker Facility with Simplicity in Mind 5/3/2021

Yahoo: Costco’s Newest Bakery Item is The Flaky Breakfast Treat We’ve Been Looking For 4/28/2021

SheKnows: Costco’s Newest Bakery Item is The Flaky Breakfast Treat We’ve Been Looking For 4/28/2021

Mashed: Costco Shoppers Are Obsessed With These Palmier Cookies 4/27/2021

Baking & Snack: Stick To Your Values 4/2021

2020 and older:

Bakery brings sweet success to Tucker - The Champion - 10/22/2020

Sugar Bowl Bakery Installs Extensive Solar Energy System - 8/20/2014

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