Ruby Dipped Madeleines

If you weren't one of the lucky winners of our limited edition boxes of Ruby Dipped Madeleines, we want to show you how you can make them at home!

Ruby chocolate is made from “ruby cacao beans,” which are found in Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast. The color is naturally occurring - it is not added - and achieves a photo-worthy blush hue!  The chocolate boasts a sweet, berry-like flavor and is completely unlike milk or dark chocolate, seeing that it’s not overly milky or bitter.

Follow the instructions to make your own Ruby Dipped Madeleines! Stay tuned for more sweet chances to win Sugar Bowl Bakery treats and prizes on our social media channels and newsletter.

 1 ½ cup Ruby Chocolate will Yield 12-15 Madeleines

You'll need:

  • Callebaut Ruby Chocolate RB1. You can purchase this from Amazon or your local high-end Specialty market
  • One box of Sugar Bowl Bakery Madeleines. 

Tempering Chocolate:

  • Add 1 cup of Ruby Chocolate in a microwaveable container
  • Microwave for 30 seconds
  • Remove from Microwave and stir for a few seconds
  • Microwave for another 30 seconds or until chocolate reaches 113F do not take over 125F. Do Not Burn Chocolate!
  • Seeding Method: Add ½ cups of Ruby Chocolate and stir chocolate until smooth and cools to 89F
  • Ready For Dipping!!!


• Dip Madeleines in a 45 Degree Angle

• Lightly shake to remove extra Chocolate

• Cool on parchment paper

• Enjoy or store in an air-tight container        

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