Butterfly Palmiers

Butterfly Palmiers with marshmallow creme are a perfect for spring festivities. The color combinations and decorative touches to make them uniquely special are endless. Use a sour gummy worm or candies for the center. 

You'll need:

Sugar Bowl Bakery Palmiers (two for each butterfly)

Pre-made marshmallow creme

Pastel candies 

Pastel mini sprinkles

White icing with a #3 or #5 decorating tip



1. Each butterfly will need two Palmiers. Place 1 teaspoon of marshmallow creme on a Palmier as shown above to make the bottom layer of the butterfly. 2. Place the second Palmier on top of the marshmallow creme and press lightly. (repeat this process for each butterfly). 3. Pipe icing around the inside edges of the palmier to create a design, then press into, or sprinkle on the mini sprinkles. 4. Pipe 5 dots or a thin line down the center of the butterfly and add gummy worm or candy decorations. 4. When all of the butterflies are decorated store in a covered container until you are ready to enjoy.

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