Sunshine Duet Bite Pops

A bite of sunshine for a spring or summer day! Fun fact, solar power helps offset about 50% of our California bakery's electric use. We hope this bright recipe adds a little sunshine to your life.

You'll need:

• 1 box of Sugar Bowl Bakery Duet Bites or Brownie Bites

• 1 package of yellow chocolate melting wafers 

• 1 package of orange chocolate melting wafers

• Candy eyes

• Pink sprinkles for cheeks

• Black gel icing for smile

• Wooden treat sticks

• Plastic bag or piping bag 



Yellow sunshine faces

1. Carefully insert a stick into each Duet Bite or Brownie Bite. 2. Melt some of the yellow chocolate in a tall glass.  3. Stir the chocolate well then dunk each Duet Bite into the yellow chocolate. 4. Place pops on parchment paper to cool, add candy eyes and cheeks. 5 Once cool, add a gel frosting mouth. Repeat until all faces are completed.

Orange sunburst layer

1. Melt 3/4 of the orange chocolate and carefully pour into a piping bag, allow to cool slightly and thicken then cut a small opening at the tip of the bag. 2. Use the piping bag to make sunburst shapes with the orange chocolate on a piece of parchment paper. Let them cool. 3. Add a small amount of new, warm orange chocolate to the center of the hardened sunburst shapes, then lightly press the back of the yellow cake pops on top so they stick together. 4. Allow to cool completely before serving or storing in a air-tight-container. Enjoy!

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