Banana Split Dip

Banana Split Dip is a creamy and fun summer dessert! Dip crisp Palmiers into luscious layers of Banana Cream, Cool Whip and Chocolate pudding. This nostalgic treat is simple to scoop and share.

You'll need:

1 5.1 oz Banana Cream instant Jell-o

1. 5.1 oz Chocolate Pudding instant Jello-0 

8oz Package of Cool Whip (thawed)

2 oz Chocolate syrup

Colorful Sprinkles

9 Fresh or Maraschino Cherries

1/2 cup Pecans or Walnuts crushed

Spray Whipped Cream 

Colorful Sprinkles

1 Package Sugar Bowl Bakery Palmiers for dipping



1. Follow directions on the Jell-o pudding packages, make both flavors separately and set aside in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

2. Once ready to serve, spread chocolate pudding on the bottom layer or a 9x9" baking dish. 

3. Evenly spread cool whip on top of chocolate pudding then pour the Banana Cream pudding over the top, evenly spread the surface so the dip is flat.

4. Top the layers of pudding with spray whipped cream by making 9 mounds. Top each with a cherry. 

5. Top the dessert with crushed nuts, chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Serve immediately using Sugar Bowl Bakery Palmiers to scoop up the dessert dip. Enjoy!


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